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The Element of Insanity

19 October
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80's music, aceo, adult swim, africa, animals, animation, anthropomorphs, art, art cards, arts and crafts, asia, atonement, baboons, bananas, band, bats, bears, big cats, boars, bones, books, breaking benjamin, caribou, cartoons, castles, cats, cheetahs, chicago, children's illustration, china, chocolate, claws, comics, concept art, coyotes, cryptozoology, culture, daft punk, deer, dinosaurs, dire wolves, discovery channel, disney, dogs, don daily, donkeys, draft horses, dragons, drawing, ds, edward scissorhands, egypt, elk, emus, ermines, family guy, fangs, feathers, fennec foxes, ferrets, final fantasy, fire, fluffy things, flute, food, forests, fox, gaming, germany, gingersnaps, goggles, golden snub nosed monkeys, gray foxes, griffins, griffons, gryphons, guns, halloween, halo, history, hoobastank, horses, humor, hyenas, illustration, jan brett, japan, japanese art, lion king, lions, lycanthropy, mammals, mandrills, monkeys, monsters, musk deer, mythology, naruto, nature documentaries, nazi history, nintendo, opossums, originality, pets, piccolo, pigs, pirates, pitbulls, playstation, polar bears, psp, rats, reindeer, rodents, roleplay, roleplaying, romans, rping, russia, sax, skulls, snakes, sugar gliders, taxidermy, the desert, the forest, the grand canyon, the mountains, tigers, tim burton, tlk, vantid, vh1, video games, warriors by erin hunter, weasels, weres, werewolves, wolves, world history, world war ii, writing, ww2, wwii, wwii uniforms, xbox 360, zebras, zoology, zoos