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13 February 2008 @ 08:28 am
Yet another snow day~! >:] This means no shittacular arts festival tonight (I don't know if they'll move it). Hoo, the arts festival business makes me mad; first off, just about everyone in the club wanted it to be Disney/Cartoon Animation themed this year. The idea is that we (in this case it was only the officers this year, I'm one) vote on it. And we did. What does Mrs. Masley do? Change it to Pop Art and Op Art. Who wants to do it? Nearly no one. Unlike last year, I pretty much refused to do stuff during my class (save the arts festival driven assignment ; you can tell when she's desperate, yes?) and I only signed up for the things that I gave the idea for. One being tape sculpture (http://www.tapesculpture.org/gallery.html). Now, there's about four things you need for these; a decent about of time, a willing victim, tape and saran wrap. Previously I'd already asked her if I'd get reimbursed for buying tape... And she said no. So I'm sure you could figure out what happens. I ran out of tape. What does she ask me on Monday?

"You going to finish those tape people?"

"You buy more tape?"


I swear, these clubs I'm in are becoming the bane of my existence. I'm somewhat glad my grades aren't good enough for NHS. It's amusing that they aren't, though, because I hold more officer positions than most in NHS and I'm already in two other NHS' (National German Honors Society and Nation Art Honors Society). Last year I was PR for Art Club, Sgt-in-arms for German club... That might be all for sophomore year... This year I'm Sgt-in-arms for Art club, Vice President for Dreamscapes and technically an officer for band. As well as an assistant (ugh) section leader.

Next year... Hm. I'm going to go for Vice for German club again... Perhaps President for artclub (depends on who else is running...) and Vice again for Dreamscapes.

Uugh. Next year. I don't even want to think about next year.