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12 February 2008 @ 12:53 pm
I muust...  
I must go outside. It's so gorgeous. So much snow; it's amazing. We've gotten a snowday, and how I love it. I plan on having some sit down and draw time, but first I must go outside and down into the woods. I haven't been down since my foot plunged into the cold ass mud, but I absolutely must. I think I'm going to go up to the garage and see if I can find my lime green snow (but not too waterproof >>) boots.

So the recycled paper is quite lovely. I think there's going to be a lot more of it on Deviantart, as that's why I bought it; other people using it and me harassing them as to where they got it c:I really haven't sat down and colored on it, but I'll get to that later today. I'm kind of on a mushroom kick. Love 'em, but hate to eat 'em. They're disgusting as fuck.

I also want to do some birthday presents c:  Kalamu (2/18) and Shinerai (3/14). XD Not like I need more stuff to side track what I really need to do, but... Oh well~

Now then, off to the woods! ...Hopefully I'm return a little drier this time.


Ohh! I saw a Blue Heron~! At first when I went down I saw some huge ass bird tracks in the semi-frozen creek, I thought they were a turkey or something, but as I walked a ways away, I heard a noise (I don't know if it was the other kids down there or a bird call) and I  looked up to see a heron flying in the distance. c: It was soo cool. I also saw a cardinal and some black and white bird that made an interesting call.
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